Our affinity with all things marine motivates us to bring together brands whose products all provide new and beautifully simple ways of enhancing their users’ experiences on the water.


Our company values are all shared by the brands we curate.


As well as being curious we believe in:


being ambitious; just because something has always been done this way, or no-one has ever done this before doesn’t mean we can’t change the way something is done or do something where others daren’t if it means there is even the slightest chance of improvement.

being meticulous; nobody is perfect, but we try our hardest to give attention to every detail giving consideration to the marine environment that our brands products will be operating in and the challenges this presents to their users.


being thorough; in everything we do we take the time to make sure that our plans are realised as intended.  Every new product our brands create is conceived, developed and crafted with the same care, control and consistency throughout whilst all the while looking for areas to improve upon.


We don’t care for titles; we don’t consider ourselves ‘experts’.  We are forever learning, listening to others’ opinions and seeking advice from our respected peers.  We spend time carefully researching and exploring options to reach considered solutions for details most of which will never be noticed, but as a sum of their parts will create unforgettable experiences.

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